The WITH Gift Book Club provides free discussion opportunities to connect with other parents, educators, and clinicians! We explore topics related to our relationships with ourself, our children, students and families, and with the natural world around us.  

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Relationship Building Books

Interested in supporting your children and/or students and families through compassion, joyful connections, increased understanding, and reduced suffering?  Check out these book club opportunities!

Clinicians, Educators & Parents:

May 28, 2024 

12-1 PM (EST)

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Clinicians, Educators & Parents:

June 25, 2024 

12-1 PM (EST)

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Clinicians, Educators & Parents:

July 30, 2024 

12-1 PM (EST)

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Self Knowledge Books

Building stronger, healthier connections with our children, students and families begins with knowing and loving our Self.

Looking to boost your resilience and gain a deeper understanding of the Self? Check out these book club opportunities!


Your Facilitators

Heide Emrich

Founder, The With Gift

M. Cl. Sc., Reg. CASLPO

Speech-Language Pathologist 

Certified RDI® Program Consultant

Chopra™ Meditation Instructor

 Mother, Daughter, Sister, Friend

Sarah Brown

OT Reg. (Ont.)

Occupational Therapist

Mother, Daughter, Sister, Friend

Marli Pinnau-Cline

B.A. (Hons) Kin, B.Sc., (PT), CSCS,

Registered Physical Therapist

Founder, Mindset of Mom

Mother, Daughter, Sister, Friend


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