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We support parents and educators in building a deeper, neurodiversity-affirming relationship with themselves, each other and the children they guide.

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Declarative Language Follow Up Interview (Part 2) 👇



Declarative Language Interview (Part 1) 👇

What's the big deal about Declarative Language? Does it really work in schools?

Discussion topics cover:
• effects of imperatives
• effects of declaratives
• common myths regarding for whom DL is effective
• implementation in classrooms
• your questions and experiences

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Back to School Tips 👇

You can make a difference in how going to school goes! There are a few things to consider the week before school starts, the first day and throughout the school year around these three important areas:

1) how you can support the school team to better understand and build a positive relationship with your child;

2) how your child feels about school; and

3) how you feel about your child going to school.

Watch the video for a summary, and download this guide which provides detailed suggestions for each of these areas. 


The Magic De-Stress Formula 👇

Stress can be motivating, pushing us to expand beyond our comfort zone. But too much stress can bring us to a feeling of overwhelm. Too much stress is harmful to ourselves and to those around us. Our behaviours, our bodies and our emotions let us know our stress levels. This video series acquaints us with the De-Stress Formula, helping us to:

  • recognize stress signs as a first step to finding balance;
  • identify and reduce perceived stressors;
  • and build resilience.